Sargent, TX: The Gulf’s Best Place You’ve Never Heard Of

The Texas Gulf Coast is a hotspot for vacation homes. The great beaches and proximity to major cities have caused prices to skyrocket. The middle class is essentially priced out of the entire coastline with most beachfront properties costing upwards of $300,000.  Perhaps there is hope, though, for the Average Joe to live by the sand. That is, if he’s willing to forego flashy restaurants, resorts, and entertainment. Enter: Sargent, Texas.

This tiny town with a regular population of about 500 is situated in Matagorda County, just east of the San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge.  There are no resorts or condos and just a couple of local eateries.  Sargent is best known for the great fishing in the area, though it has a wonderful public beach.  Weekends and holidays attract some beachgoers, but you can practically have the sand to yourself any other time.

Real estate in Sargent is a varied bunch. Yes, there are those quarter-million dollar homes right on the beach, but the majority of Sargent is extremely affordable.  You can get this two-bed, two-bath home that’s about 1/2 mile from the beach for just $70,000.  It’s just $67/square foot.l1ee60246-w1xd-w640_h480_q80

Obviously, it’s not the greatest house you’ve ever laid your eyes on. It could use some updates but is perfectly livable as is.  Remember, location! This same house in Corpus Christi would be twice as much.

For me, the real allure of Sargent is its general lack of people and all that come with them.  It’s a quiet place away from cities, away from everything but the ocean. You can truly relax there. No traffic, no fighting for parking at the beach. The year-round residents of Sargent have it figured out. They have found their own affordable piece of paradise and love being local.


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