Pitcairn Doesn’t Want You – No Matter What They Say

If you’re unfamiliar with the history of Pitcairn,  check this out. In short, Pitcairn was settled in the late 1700s by a group of mutineers from the HMAS Bounty, a British ship. The mutineers, a mix of Brits and Tahitian slaves, overthrew the Captain and sent him out to sea in a small boat while keeping the ship for themselves. They sought after a place where the British would not be able to find them and found Pitcairn would do the trick.  Once ashore, they burned the ship and started anew. Many of the current residents, about 45 people, are direct descendants of the mutineers, and some would consider them famous.

There’s been an effort in the past five or so years to attract new residents to Pitcairn. Most on the island are related in some way. The gene pool has become extremely shallow and instances of inbreeding have undoubtedly occurred. When searching the directory, I couldn’t find any women of child-bearing age and found only a few men in the 20-35 age range. There are currently five school-aged children living on the island; four girls and one boy. There are no toddlers or infants or pregnant women. Pitcairn’s future depends on attracting outsiders, something that seems so simple yet has so far proven impossible, and Pitcairn likes it that way.

Despite the troubled past (Google: Pitcairn sexual abuse), there’s still a lot of interest in becoming a Pitcairner.  Somehow, only one person has been accepted as a new resident in the past five years. How can this be? Sure, this island isn’t for everyone, but there has to be more than one person that desires to live there.  In further exploration of the resident application process, I discovered that just submitting your application costs $500. I understand charging a small fee to weed out applicants that aren’t serious, but $500 is excessive.  It’s stealing. They take the money and file the application in the trash.

In order to be accepted, you must prove you have a useful set of skills to bring to the island. They also require you have adequate savings, at least $30,000. The monetary requirement obviously eliminates a fair number of people, but there must be more than person with Pitcairn desires who fits the bill. Of course there is, but Pitcairn doesn’t want them. They don’t want anyone, really.

The plea for outsiders to move to Pitcairn is a scam. It’s just another ploy for them to make quick and easy money at the expense of naive outsiders, just as they do when they bombard cruise ship passengers with their handmade goods. Why bring more people to the island when they have it so easy there? They live on the Brit’s dime and pocket all the cash they swindle out of tourists.

You can’t find any information on how many people have submitted applications and essentially gave away $500. They won’t tell you. Instead, they put on a facade. Land is free. Life is good. Move to Pitcairn.  Remember, these are descendants of thieves; they stole the Bounty and are stealing yours as well.



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